When words won’t do: London

Yeah, I’m pretty crafty with the wordsmithing. But some thing are virtually indescribable. You need light, color, a really nice camera, and someone who knows how to use it.

Without further “adieu” (get it? I’m in Paris Haha)…

They are experts at herding tourists in London. Note the words on the ground. (Jamie Peacock/2012)

An overview of a market in London. Not the Eye in the background. (Jamie Peacock/2012)

In the basement of St. Martin’s on Trafalgar Sqaure, there’s a lovely little cafe. Oh wait, did I say “basement?” I meant “crypt.” Note the unique “tiling” at Jamie’s feet.

The floor at St. Martin’s crypt. (Jamie Peacock/2012)

And some little bubbles. (Jamie Peacock/2012)

*pop* (Jamie Peacock/2012)

Welcome to “The Eye” of London: 20 or so strangers get herded into a bubble, forced to mill about uncomfortably for about 20 minutes. (Jamie Peacock/2012)

I never thought another river could rival the Mississippi for the title of “flowing sludge pit.” This downward shot from the Eye puts it in the running, though. (Jamie Peacock/2012)

I have never wanted to heed a warning more. (Jacob Bielanski/2012)

An adjacent car on the Eye as we reach the top. (Jacob Bielanski/2012)

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